IMPORTANT: THIS APPLICATION is built for the iPhone® to be user-friendly and versatile for any skill level.
MyArtToolsLite available on the App Store   $1.99

MyArtToolsLite is created to be user-friendly and versatile for any skill level from the novice to the professional. All ages can use it for plain-old-fun, fast conceptual sketches or fully finished serious artistic work. Creativity starts with an idea. When inspiration strikes, this tool provides fast easy access to creative sketching tools.

Using MyArtToolsLite can be as simple as opening the app, choosing a drawing tool and beginning to draw. As an easy-to-use application with extensive help files built into the program, MyArtToolsLite is the creative onscreen equivalent of a drawing pad or painting on canvas.

Users can create their drawings from scratch. Images can be imported from the Photo Library and used as templates. Over 30 filters are available for altering images in crative ways.

From realistic to abstract, finger painting to complete drawing, MyArtToolsLite is developed to emulate artistic media. Using MyArtToolsLite, users can create beautiful sketches and paintings anywhere. Works-in-progress can be saved and reopened. Finished works can be sent out as high resolution files to iCloud and other storage options. Finished works can also be shared with clients, co-workers, friends and family via email, messaging or directly with any of the popular social sharing networks.