Top-Menu Bar Overview

Designed for the iPhone®, MyArtToolsLite is user-friendly and is suitable for any skill level from beginner to professional. People of all ages can use it for simple fun, fast concept sketches or photo editing.

Two compostions can be open at the same time. One in portrait orientation, and one in landscape orientation. Each composition can contain multiple layers.

When Apple releases an iPhone® supporting the Apple Pencil® this app is already built to support the Apple Pencil®.

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Tools: This will toggle the drawing and painting tools panel on or off.

Layers: This will toggle the layers panel on or off.

Tool Properties: This panel contains various settings for each tool. See the "Tool Properties" link for more details.

Background Color: Touching this control will open the color picker. The active control will be surrounded by a red border. Choose a color for the canvas background.

File: This opens the file menu with five options: New File, Open Layered File, Share High Resolution, Save to Photo Album, or Save as Layered File.

Share: This opens the share panel. iOS applications that provide sharing will appear in the window.